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Leader of Economic Development Zone in Wangjiang County and his party Visited our Company

On July 28, Secretary of Trade and Investment Promotion Bureau in Administrative Committee of Wangjiang Economic Development Zone Ji Guangji braved the hot weather, and visited SINOCONST5. Corporate director and Secretary of Corporate Party Committee Li Pengcheng, general manager Zhang Jiawen, deputy general manager Hu Zhong, chief financial officer Xiong Yanan, Vice Minister of Marketing Department Chen Weidong attended the meeting. On behalf of corporate party and administration board, Secretary Li Pengcheng expressed warm welcome to Secretary Ji Guangji and his party, gave an detailed introduction to the development process of the Group and development advantages on PPP projects in recent years. General Manager Zhang Jiawen, said that at present, PPP project in Electrical and Mechanical Industrial Park in Wangjiang, Anhui is in an early stage of development, both sides are having a good base and precondition to reach a win-win cooperation, and shall work closely to contact, enhance understanding and promote the smooth mutual cooperation, and to make our contribution for Wangjiang PPP project to develop successfully.
At the meeting, both sides carried out extensive discussion and harmonious negotiation on the planning, construction and operation of the development zone unique industrial park, and put forward the preliminary idea on the future cooperation.
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