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Corporate Trade Unions ignite “sending coolness in the hot weather” activities

Working in a hot summer and burning sun, every worker on the construction site is getting a "baking test" but also is affecting hearts of the company and leaders of labor union. On July 21 and 24, deputy general manager Liu Xu Long, labor union chairman Sun Zhongli and his entourage visited the working staffs at site, gave their thanks to their diligence and dedication and delivered love from corporate and labor unions to them separately.
In a weather up to 40 degrees, deputy general manager Liu Xulong, labor union chairman Sun Zhongli and his party came to the general special steel plant in the economic development zone and subsidiary metal structure workshop "to deliver coolness during a hot weather", condole site workers, they sent cooling accessories like water and face towels to them, and delivered kind care from corporate and labor union to their side.
During visitation, the leaders questioned about their physical conditions and told them to avoid the high temperature period, pay attention to heatstroke prevention, and their own safety, they hoped that the project management will make a good job to prevent heatstroke during this period, make assignments based on actual working conditions, provide necessary logistical support, to promise safety at each position, work in safety, to spend the hot summer safe and conduct every task in order. “To deliver coolness during hot summer" activities carried concern from the corporate and labor union to the site workers out, stimulated their working enthusiasm, increased connection between labor union and workers, and enhanced corporate cohesion. The smooth development of the activity, let all employees feel the company's concern, increased their determination to serve project construction, to devote their own best efforts to project construction, for company development.
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