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Congratulation to the Hotel Complex Project in Belarus to be able to build one floor in 7 days

July has passed a half, in summer, Minsk is in some time sunny while other rainy, and sometimes temperature rises high but other is low, which is unpredictable. The baking July is a bright red flag made from labor sweat, and there is an endless dedication and desire of SINOCONST5 staff in the surging sky! In the project duration meeting, the Owner determined that a storey of of hotel shall be constructed every 8 days! On receiving this notice, all project management team sensed the big pressure, a short span of eight days standing like insurmountable cross in front of everyone! Eight days, steel bars 110 tons, stigma embedded pieces nearly 4 tons, 288 extrusion sleeves, concrete 490m³, supporting frame 1160 square meters, plates 2500 square meters, all this work must be completed within eight days, also to lift and install 24 6m × 11m climbing frame... ...  
Project department gave full role not to rely on, but take the initiatives, perform duties, and actively communicate with the Owner, design units, supervision units, strengthen coordination of the scene, strictly control of security and civil construction, in order to promote the work orderly, on July 19, they broke the record by the successful completion of seven days a storey! There are wind and waves sometimes, just sailing across the ocean, currently project department is preparing to challenge the six days a storey!  
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